Security Signals, Inc. was founded in 1948 by
Thomas B. Dutcher, and is still operating at its
original location in Cordova, Tennessee, a suburb
of Memphis. SSI has always been a privately
held, family owned business. SSI is proud of the
quality of our products and our employees, and
the safe environment that our people work in.

The family's background in fireworks
manufacturing goes back to Victory Sparkler in
Elkton, Maryland. SSI's original products
were caps and railroad fuzees. By the late 1950's
we began to focus on Department of Defense
contract work. Early products included grenade
fuses, cryptographic incendiary devises, base coupling for firing devices and the M66 ignition cartridge for the 81mm mortar.

Our Screw Machine Products Division began in 1970, providing metal parts for SSI defense contracts. Today, we produce a vast amount of parts custom designed and manufactured to our customers' specifications.

In 1970, SSI began manufacturing machined metal parts in support of defense contracts. Today, we continue to manufacture screw machine products for defense contracts as well as for commercial use at our Cordova complex.

SSI opened a second facility in 1997. We
moved our pyrotechnic operation to a 265 acre site near Oakland, Tennessee, which is also
near Memphis. This complex has continued to
expand to keep up with increasing production
requirements. The various buildings contain
R & D, manufacturing and assembly, and
testing. There is also an outdoor testing range
at this site. Over 3,000,000 hand held signals and various other pyrotechinc devices have been produced at this plant since its opening.
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9509 Macon Road, Cordova, TN 38016  •  901-754-7228

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