Ordnance Products

Built in 1997, Security Signal’s Somerville plant was designed for producing ordnance and pyrotechnic products for the DOD. The facility features warehouses for inbound and outbound material, energetic storage, heat room storage, assembly, office, and lab space to meet the unique requirements for ordnance production. Key capabilities include:

  • Energetic/ explosive storage
  • Composition mixing and pressing
  • Assembly of energetics and inert components into finished product
  • Quality and production controls to ensure product meets customer drawings, specs, MIL-STD-1916
  • Lab capabilities including moisture & volatile measurement, particle size analysis, gage calibration, and titration
  • Testing including function, sound measurement, burn time, candlepower, color (purity, value, & wavelength), and temperature and humidity conditioning

Security Signals is committed to supporting and serving the warfighter. We work with representatives from the military to ensure a reliable and timely product. Government customers include:

  • Program Manager Close Combat Systems (PM-CCS),
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane),

Hand Held Signals

The family of Hand-Held Signals includes parachuted and 5-element cluster signals. Both product types are used for battlefield illumination and signaling (distress, good to go, stop, etc.) among ground troop emplacements as well as to signal aircraft .Each signal consists of an illuminant assembly and a rocket propulsion assembly in a ten-inch aluminum tube. Following the simple launching procedure, the fin-stabilized rocket assembly propels to an altitude of approximately 750 feet, after which a charge ignites and expels the illuminants.